Values & Quirks


Being responsive allows the team to move at incredible speed. I might not get back to your email or question a minute later (often I will), but you will hear something within the day. Making sure people have the information they need is super important to me.


When I tackle a problem I try to understand every aspect of it. I think about the solution and what it will mean in the long term. There are endless interesting things to do, but completing one of them is worth more than starting ten. Have the determination to see things that matter through to completion.


I am always trying to improve and am constantly pushing myself. I take on as much as I can handle, then I ask for a bit more. By pushing myself and what I am capable of, I am learning and growing.

Passion and Drive

I love what I do, my team is as important to me as anything I would start on my own. I am invested in our success and the success of everyone on the team.

Doing it

If I see something broken, I fix it. If someone needs help, I help them. I do not complain, I get in and do something about it. I do what I think is right first and ask for permission later.

Insatiable Curiosity

I ask questions about what I am doing if I am not sure. I am always open to new ideas or solutions. I like to back things up with data or alternatives and question the necessity of features and changes. Every decision is mutable.